5 Fundamental Reasons to Jump in to the Home Automation Pool

As time goes by, consumers are being given more opportunities to add home automation to their daily lives. From smart speakers to intelligent GPS devices capable of getting us where we need to go, automation is all around us. Some of it is easily recognized. Some of it is hidden away behind the scenes. Likewise, some of us are ready to jump into the pool while others are not.

There is a very distinct possibility that home automation will not be an option 20 years from now. In other words, it will be standard. People will not be deciding whether to embrace it because the culture will thrust it on all of us. We are already headed in that direction.

That being the case, what are your feelings about home automation? If you need something to motivate you, here are five fundamental reasons to jump into the home automation pool now, rather than later:

1. It Saves Money

If money is a motivator for you in other areas, it could be the best motivation for your entry into home automation. A well-designed smart home is a more energy efficient home. Moreover, increasing energy efficiency saves money. It could not be any simpler than that.

Vivint Smart Home recommends starting with a smart thermostat to see just how much money home automation can save. Just by maximizing the efficiency of your daily temperature control can save quite a bit on heating and cooling bills. From there, consider smart lighting featuring LED bulbs. You will save even more.

2. It Gives You Remote Access

By their nature, smart home devices can be accessed remotely. For example, your new smart thermostat probably came with a companion mobile app. That app allows you to adjust current temperature settings and programming from virtually anywhere in the world. All you need is your phone and enough bars to get online.

3. Remote Video Surveillance

Speaking of remote access, add a couple of wireless cameras to your system and you will have the ability too remotely monitor your home from anywhere. Remote video surveillance can be immensely helpful on many levels. You can watch your home while you are away on vacation. During a normal week, remote video surveillance lets you keep an eye on the kids after school. The possibilities are many and varied.

4. Increased Home Security

As long as you are adding video surveillance cameras, you might as well throw in the most common home security features as well. Modern home automation gives you plenty of options:

  • Forced Entry Sensors – Sensors installed on windows and doors detect forced entry in real time. Knowing someone is breaking into your home means having the ability to contact the authorities right away.
  • Smart Locks – Smart locks on your first-floor doors allow you remote access without keys. You can lock and unlock the door for guests without having to take the risk that comes with leaving a key under the doormat.
  • Smoke and CO Monitoring – Round out your security features with monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Early detection is often the key to survival.

5. Home Automation Is Cool

We close this post with the fifth and final reason for jumping into the home automation pool: the technology is just plain cool. Home automation changes the way you live in your home. It should increase your enjoyment as well. Why not give it a try? Home automation will eventually be standard anyway, so you might just as well jump in now.

Don’t worry, the water is warm.

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