Common Myths About Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Although there are a number of hair removal options in the market today, these temporary solutions will only cause your hair to grow darker and thicker. They can cause skin irritation, inconvenience and can be expensive in the long run. That’s why laser hair removal procedures are so popular these days. You might have come across some common misconceptions about laser hair removal procedures. This article will debunk some of those myths to help you decide if laser treatments are suitable for you.

Laser Hair Removal Myths vs Reality

  • It is painful and can damage the skin

With the recent technological advancement, laser treatments are no longer painful. Professional salon experts use skin serums to make these treatments almost pain-free. After treatment, the hair will shed naturally from the follicle. Sometimes, treated areas might be red or can have appearance of goose bumps but it generally disappears shortly after treatment. You can visit to check out best possible laser treatments available in Quebec, Canada. With advanced technology and seasoned team, they can offer anything from pigment changes to face rejuvenation. They also provide varicoses veins treatment by laser and injections.

  • All hair will grow back

After treatment, most people toss out their razors, put down their toxic hair removal creams and kiss goodbye to ingrown unwanted hair for months, years or indefinitely. The hair follicles that are removed after treatment differs in each person. Medications and hormones also play a huge role in hair regrowth. If hair does grow back, it is less thick and dark than before.

  • All laser treatments are same

No two laser procedures are same. Even if your hair colour or skin tone is not ideal for laser treatment, a skilled and experienced technician can make all the difference. The length of treatment, level of discomfort felt during the procedure, ideal results all depends upon the expertise of your practitioner. He should not only have expertise about skin but also in-depth knowledge about laser physics.

  • One or two treatments are enough

Hair removal through laser treatments is done gradually over a series of sessions. Hair follicles gradually gets destroyed. Additional sessions might be required to accommodate individual needs. The upper lips, armpits, legs, chin and bikini line are common areas for laser hair removal procedures. Different packages are designed to achieve patient’s goals.

  • Laser treatments are expensive

In long run, waxing, razors, foams, etc. can be expensive. You will need at least 12 sessions a year to remove unwanted hair via these methods since hair keeps growing back. Moreover, these methods have a reputation of being tedious and painful. These methods can cause irritation, rashes and skin burns.


Do your research and find out what works best for your skin.

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