Gambling addiction in sports betting: how to detect and fight it

Ludomania can break the life of every gambling enthusiast.  It is very related to betting on sports. Its danger lies in the fact that they are confident in all their actions.  Analyzing the events and statistical data, players often forget about the present excitement, possible addiction, as well as dependence on the game.

On the information site it is possible to find any information concerning sports betting, odds, statistical data, a rating list of reliable bookmakers, many useful summaries, news and tips, including how not to become addicted to the game.

Gambling addiction: root causes and symptoms

Gambling addiction is a disease of a pathological nature, which is expressed in an attachment to gambling. It leads to moral degradation, money losses and self-isolation of the subject from society.

Gambling addiction may sometimes develop quite quickly. It is necessary to bet several times and win. Inspiration after winning draws the lucky person to make further bets, and the desire to be a permanent winner becomes very strong, it clouds common sense. This is how the perception of reality is lost. Doctors put this disease on a par with drug addiction. The causes of the disease may be:

  • Individual properties of psychodynamics: getting into a particular circle of life, a person moves in it, losing the ability to stop.
  • A gambler cannot rationalize his own actions and control them. There is a belief in success, even when there is a long losing streak. He hopes for luck.
  • Impact of society: a predilection for gambling since childhood among friends, an increased attention to sports.
  • A desire to get rich quickly, financial difficulties.

All these factors can provoke psychological gambling addiction, so all players must control their emotions even at the first steps into the world of betting.  To understand that an addiction begins, it is necessary to know the symptoms of the disease manifestation. These include:

  • The person stopped being interested in former hobbies, betting on sports became a priority;
  • The social circle narrowed: the player stopped communicating with friends, colleagues and family members;
  • A constant desire to bet;
  • Aggressive behavior, constant irritation, nervous state in the absence of an opportunity to bet;
  • Inability to stop the game, regular increase in betting, constant belief that the bettor will definitely win back;
  • Vows to quit gambling that fly up in the air.

There are four stages of addiction, and the deeper a player plunges into the gambling maelstrom, the harder it is to get rid of sports betting addiction. When the second stage is reached, it becomes problematic to get rid of ludomania, and the third stage requires special medical help.

How to fight the addiction

Therapy depends on the mental characteristics of the player and on what stage of the disease the person is at. Each novice player should remember that even at the initial stage of the disease self-fighting is not easy. At the beginning of the game in the betting it is important to do everything in advance so as not to turn into an addicted gambler. To this end, you need to follow fairly simple rules:

  • Do not register many accounts in different betting companies;
  • Play only with free money, so that the hobby does not affect the family budget;
  • Do not treat betting as a kind of main income;
  • Make your own clear limits on the number of bets, or on the time, and never deviate from them;
  • Never get even. Stop and analyze your mistakes.

Remember, it is better to take preventive measures and enjoy your favorite game of betting, than to get a gambling addiction and have long, excruciating treatment for it.

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