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It can be difficult for a pet-owner to acquire everything he or she needs for his pet. I’ve you’ve been a long time pet-owner, this will be a piece of cake for you, but as a starting pet owner, it can be pretty difficult to buy everything you need. Since last year, I’ve been thinking about getting a small kitten. The pandemic has made me realize that I really need some more company at home. Furthermore, I have a very nice garden, and a mostly cat-free neighborhood, so a cat seemed like a very logical option. Lastly, because it’s likely that we will, at least, partly work from home for the upcoming years, I know it will also have some company. But before I buy my kitten, I need to buy everything a kitten needs. This was quite a challenge for me because I’ve never owned a pet before. Luckily, I’ve found a website that has everything I will ever need. So I thought I’d share this website with you should you ever find yourself in a similar spot.

Everything a kitten needs

The web-shop I’m talking about is Vetsend. Vetsend not only has every possible product for a cat, but it also has a large selection of items for dogs, horses, fish, farm animals and garden animals. They have a very useful information page about what a young kitten needs. I first went to medical supplies and the cat care products. Here I bought products such as combs, litter boxes, etc… I then bought some toys, because I’ve read that kittens can have a lot of energy. They are also not allowed to leave the house for the first couple of weeks. So to prevent them from climbing in the curtains, you should have plenty of toys.

A wide variety of cat food

Lastly, I bought an enormous amount of cat food. An online article already said that kittens can devour through a vast quantity of food. Luckily, Vetsend not only has a lot of depth in their assortment, but they also have a lot of different kinds of cat food. I’ve used their large amount of choice pretty well by buying mostly specialized kitten food, and also some more grown up food just in case I’ll need it. A web-shop like Vetsend can really come in handy when you have no way what to do. Should you every find yourself in a similar position, you now know where to go.

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