Helping You to Decide to Opt for Double Door or Triple Door Refrigerator

There are ample of refrigerators available in the market all looking trendy, appealing and of course fully advantageous that selecting the best among them isn’t an easy task. Moreover, when you need to opt for either a double door fridge or a triple door one, it is quite hard to choose as both seems to be equally good.

To make your choice easier, here are few facts about both kinds of fridge that help in deciding the most suitable one suiting your needs.

Here are the facts:

Double door refrigerator:

  • As the name suggests, it consists two doors. A separate door for freezer unit and the other for rest of the fridge unit. This helps to keep the freezer door closed while you are using the main door. Thus, none of waste of energy and stored material in the freeze remains ice cools, as it is not exposed to outside air.
  • The capacity of the fridge will be around 235 litres to 495 litres. Thus, quite sufficient for a family of four or six members.
  • The consumption rate of energy is quite less while you choose five star BEE rated fridge.
  • The interior shelves are well organized and in some well acclaimed brands it is adjustable.
  • It boosts of frost free technology, thus no manual de frosting of ice like in some of the single door fridge.
  • Price range is affordable.

Triple door refrigerator:

  • It consists of three doors. The upper door is for freezer unit, the main door and separate bottom door for veggies and fruit storage.
  • The capacity of the fridge is limited to 250 litres to 330 litres.

  • Most of this kind of fridges isn’t built to save energy.
  • Little expensive compared to single and double door kind of fridge.
  • People who love to use separate organised storage compartments prefer to buy this kind of fridge. Thus, you don’t have to stuff items one over the other.

Triple door refrigerators are surely good to separate food items that you don’t use often to lower storing units. In short, they are manageable and you are sure to possess well designed fridge that enhances the look of your home decor. Double door fridge is the most sought-after as it is budget friendly and most importantly it saves energy, thus saves electric cost.  It is always helpful to buy reliable long guaranteed home appliance from highly rated online vendors. You can undoubtedly buy LFNS22520S, model refrigerator from www.meselectros.com. Enjoy shopping your new fridge having double door or triple door and use them for many years.

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