How to promote your summer fitness programs

As the scorching summer sun melts the winter ice and blobs of snow, it liberates people from the bondage of finding comfort in cozy blankets. To go out and find an activity to wash that winter laziness away. In this active season, a summer fitness program is the first thing people look for to achieve those abs and flexibility or to lose some extra pounds they put on while watching Netflix and eating popcorn. 

However, the number of gyms launching a summer fitness program is numerous, and to stand out in those bundles of flyers is an intense amount of pressure. But don’t worry, as this article has all the top-notch ideas to help you plan your marketing strategy and promote your studio’s summer fitness program effectively.

Outdoor space utilization

The best thing the summer season brings is the glorious weather that forces people to spend more time outside soaking in the sun, watching kids play, or taking walks. Hence, people would love to consider incorporating their fitness activities while enjoying the summer air. So why not give it a shot? Arrange your fitness classes in a neighborhood park and go for group runs. It will enlighten other people about your fitness program, gaining potential gym members.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful digital tool to spread the word about anything. It is because each person spends approximately 2 hours online scrolling through their newsfeed. Thus, use your creativity to build a stellar Instagram feed by posting frequently, making reels, and hosting online boot camps.

Use PosterMyWall’s social media graphics templates to create quick, high-quality designs for your social network posts. These are free, creative template designs and graphics to level up your game in social media marketing by improving visual content. It is team-friendly and has professionally designed layouts for your posts on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Hosting an online, free fitness boot camp will help you demonstrate the fitness plans and exercises you use to train your members. People will know the quality of your work, and it will serve as a trust-building process for your potential gym members.

Distribute flyers and posters

Spread awareness in your locality by handing out flyers and putting up posters. Distribute these flyers in the neighborhood, in companies, and the park while people pass by your class. Put discount offers on the posters and use attractive imagery. You can include a discount for senior citizens, couples, or students to gain clients.

Email marketing

A more targeted approach to online marketing is email marketing. It is an effective tool that helps you stay in touch with your customers and form a connection with them. Personalize emails, organize your newsletter list and send special offers to your old gym members. 

Collect emails of your new clients through the registration form. Use it to send updates on location changes and weekly offers. Remind them about their weekly fitness goal and congratulate them on achieving their targets. It will let your gym members know how much the program cares for them and will add up to your reputation.

Host a challenge

Your goal for promotion should be convincing potential clients to register for the summer fitness sessions and make them stay with you for the entire year. Host challenges that start in the summer session and slowly pace their way to your advanced-level fall training session. It will motivate people in the summer, and once they start achieving small results, they will automatically register for the advanced training in the fall session too. 

You can also host a corporate challenge. Market your summer fitness program in various companies and ask their employees to participate in a fitness challenge, tug of war, or a marathon. This competition will be amongst the employees of two companies, and whichever company wins—their employees will get a 50% discount on registration for your fitness program.

Partner with local organizations

Be the trend-breaker for the presumption that fitness centers don’t work with food businesses. Join hands with your neighborhood’s local chocolatier and food business, and give your members free coupons to celebrate their weekly goal’s completion with a cheat day. 

You can also collaborate with local companies giving them discount offers upon winning a challenge, as mentioned previously. Moreover, you can also partner with your town’s best nutritionist to make diet plans for your gym members and recommend their patients to your fitness center.

Effective marketing is a challenging task to do. It takes planning, time, and perfect execution to be successful. But summer is the season to work hard and build momentum to capitalize on your client’s progress in the fall season.

Written by: Raahim Jamshed

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