Why is it Important to Learn about the Significance of Environment Day?

Not many usually know about Environment Day and its significance. Being aware of days like these is important, not because you should do what should be done on that day but because it shows how vital it is to take care of something. We live in a world where we coexist with other beings and have an unconscious mutual understanding of the usage of natural resources. We depend on nature and the environment around us to survive. This is reciprocal as nature depends on us to stay green and to be able to provide. If human beings continue to deplete the existing resources without any consciousness of the damage they are causing; it is going to take a huge toll on the lives of every inhabitant of the planet in the near future. It would take a miracle for Mother Nature to heal itself if human beings do not understand the need to give the planet the time to heal. It is to sensitise everyone about the importance of preserving the environment and its resources and the impending dangers we will have to encounter if we keep exploiting all the available natural resources.

It is in our best interest that the government and various organisations take initiatives to help common people understand the severity of a particular situation and push them to take actions to mend ways. It is also done to promote the feeling of social responsibility among all human beings and make them feel that it is their own planet, and if they do not take care of it, then who will? Our life on this planet is shorter than you think, but the damage we make and the level of exploitation that is done is totally contrary to it.

If you are wondering what to do for Environment day or any other day of significance, because your child just came in and asked you for help or your sibling wrote you a letter asking for ideas, here is what you can do.

  • Before you suggest something to your child or your sibling, try to do a research of the particular topic or the significance of a particular day (Environment day, for example). Giving no information at all is better than giving wrong information.
  • Think of the different ways in which you can represent your thoughts and ideas about the topic. For example: preparing a speech or a poem on Environment Day or writing Environment Day slogans.
  • Just see to it that your child or your sibling also understands the reason why a particular day is celebrated so that they can communicate it well to their audience.
  • Help your child or sibling practise the speech, poem, slogans, etc., so that they know what exactly to speak and, in turn, gain the confidence to face their audience, no matter how big or how small.

To learn how to write a letter to your sibling explaining about the Environment day, you can go through the article on letter writing. The article will help you with the format of letter writing. You can also refer to the sample letters given to understand the format better.

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