Woodworking is a gratifying skill that lasts for a lifetime, and you can pass it to your generation through apprenticeship. Woodworking ideas for the intermediate craftsman require more than basic woodworking skills, some power tools such as the X-carve CNC machine, and inspiration. Here are some inspirational woodworking projects to try out.

A backyard lounger

Your backyard should be well equipped with a lounge for relaxing while observing the sunset, during dinner or when reading a book. With a circular saw and a cordless drill, you can build a backyard lounger yourself. Gather the materials, the power tools, and start cutting your boards. Use screws to put the pieces together, driving several screws into the back support and each arm. You can create rustic pieces for that farmhouse feel, then add some cushions for comfort.

A wood wagon

If you have kids, the best thing you can gift them is a small wooden wagon for a toy made out of your sweat. They will remember it for the rest of their lives. A wooden wagon is better because it is timeless, does not require batteries, and is indestructible, unlike plastic toys. Your kid will love hauling it around.

A vintage step stool

A step stool comes in handy around your house, especially if you have kids. You can build a step stool using basic woodworking tools. The essential items you need are a jigsaw, screws, drill, tape measure, sander, finish, and safety glasses. Start by constructing the bottom supports with screws and glue, then attach the top supports one after the other the same way you did the bottom. Then paint the step stool with a nice color to enhance its appeal.

A pet bed

If you have a pet, you can build a nice pet bed for it. With only a few pallets of wood, you can construct a nice pet bed. Start by measuring your wood pieces and ensure you know the size of your dog or cat beforehand. Construct the bottom layer of wood by screwing the pieces together with screws or glue. Then attach the side pallets one by one and ensure uniformity. Leave one side open for the pet to slide in or cover all four sides so that it will jump inside from the top. Add a cushion for comfort, and then train your pet to use the bed.

A sofa sleeve

You can construct a wooden sofa sleeve that effortlessly slides on your sofa armchair and is functional for placing your cup of water or food when sitting on the sofa. It is a simple project as long as you have clean wood that will complement your interior decor. But you can still stain the final product to the color you want.

Artwork frames

If you are an intermediate craftsman for woodworking, you can effortlessly create artwork using your wood pieces. Cut the wood into slim pieces and engrave quotes or pictures using a CNC machine. Then you can integrate convenient joiners and a hook for hanging it in your house.

The last words

Invest in woodworking reference materials to learn more about unique woodwork designs and how to do them.

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