Owning a home comes with many responsibilities, and one of them is a lawn care and maintenance. Your lawn gives an impression on your visitors, and a well-maintained one significantly improves your curb appeal. A good-looking and healthy lawn also puts together the perfect space for relaxation and fun. Green and healthy grass requires a lot of regular maintenance plus seasonal treatment with fertilizer or organic compost to maintain healthy growth. Here are the ways to keep your lawn in good condition throughout the year.

Regularly cut the grass.

One of the critical tasks of maintaining a lawn is regularly mowing it. Grass constantly growing on your lawn indicates that your yard is getting all it needs to thrive. Regular lawn maintenance includes cutting the grass to ensure it is just the right length.

You should mow your lawn once a week during summer and once every two weeks during spring, autumn, and warm winters. That encourages the roots to spread and removes weeds before they find hold. Investing in a good lawn mower can make things easier for you.

Water your lawn diligently.

There are no shortcuts to watering your lawn. It is the only way to maintain healthy grass and ensure it retains its green luster. However, you should know the limits to avoid overwatering or underwatering. PumpBiz sprinklers are perfect for keeping your lawn well hydrated, and you can invest in an automatic one to adjust the time between waterings. Water can revive brown grass and give it a healthy green color.

Weed your lawn

Dandelions and plantains can inhabit large areas of your lawn and hinder the thriving of healthy grass. But they are easy to remove using a daisy grubber or a hand trowel. It is best to rake the weeds before you mow to lift them into the mover blades and remove them. Avoiding chemical weed killers is advisable since they can interfere with grass health. If you feel the need to use one, use natural herbicide.

Aerate the lawn

Stepping and walking the lawn compacts the soil and grass interfering with drainage. If you see water pooling in some areas of the lawn after watering or rainfall, it is a sign that the lawn is not well aerated. You can relieve the compaction to aerate the soil by pushing a garden fork 10cm deep into it every 10cm and gently rocking it back and forth. That aerates the soil, allowing the grass roots to breathe and regrow. If using clay soil, add sand into the holes to improve drainage.

Feed your lawn

You have to feed your lawn for the grass to thrive. You can invest in a wheeled lawn feeder or dilute fertilizer with water and water the grass. Ensure it has all the proper ingredients, including nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium.

Edge your lawn

Edging your lawn provides a personalized and neat touch and prevents the grass from growing into the borders. Use a spade or a pair of long-handled shears to reshape the grass and install a permanent edging that the grass cannot cross. That maintains a unique and neat look on your lawn.

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